Consultation for a Financial Services Company

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A leading global financial services company was facing an audit, and it needed enough documentation to support its internal processes and procedures. The organization looked to Michaels & Associates to augment their internal staff, provide expertise and meet the tight deadline.


  • An upcoming audit without enough documentation to support its processes and procedures
  • Documentation required to pass the audit, ensure process stability, use as a basis for training and identify performance objectives


  • Conduct a thorough analysis to identify current processes and operations
  • Define and document operations, streamline processes and identify key procedures and processes to document
  • Act as mentors, review internal writers’ documents, provide constructive feedback and coach them on how to make the end product appropriate for the company’s needs


  • A successful audit and a set of streamlined process flows and procedural documents that clearly communicate a consistent, united set of business processes for each area of the company
  • A team of trainers and writers that could support future documentation initiatives after project completion

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