Tech Solutions Company's Change Mgmt Training

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A U.S. division of one of the world's largest electronic parts distributors had a vision: they wanted to substantially re-engineer their existing processes and policies to better service customers, work with suppliers and manage inventory.


  • A three-year, four-phase re-engineering and change management initiative that needs training and documentation at each phase
  • Assistance to design, develop and deliver the multi-phased training


  • Develop templates to ensure a consistent learning experience
  • Analyze new information at each phase and determining the fastest, most effective way to train the U.S. employees
  • Work in subcommittees to identify learning objectives, business issues and impact of the updated processes
  • Compose a style guide to help with development


  • 11 e-learning courses, 14 job aids, 1 manager presentation, 5 workshops, 1 online reference guide
  • A strong consultative relationship between the client and Michaels & Associates
  • Improved reputation of the client’s Learning & Development team for providing process change support

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