Document Review Checklist

It's important to strive for quality, consistency, and effectiveness in all documentation projects. To achieve these goals, we have created the following review checklist to ensure accuracy when editing your documents.

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Use this document to guide your hands-on review. Your expertise and knowledge in the content area is important to the development of accurate and useful training materials. The responsibility of the reviewer is to assure that information provided in the materials is complete, clear, and accurate from a content standpoint and to assure that the materials are accurate and useful from a business perspective.

It is important to review your training materials throughout development so that you always know where things stand. Doing so will allow you to improve on any areas that are weak.

That said, evaluation of training content is not just for the trainer, Learning & Development department or organization. Evaluation is ultimately critical for the learner, as well, since they are the recipients of the training. This is perhaps the most important reason of all for taking time to perform careful and thorough reviews of your training materials.

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